Entries by Matseco

March – 2024

Kicks Täby Centrum has installed Aircode in the store to reduce excessive odors from products and limit employee exposure. The store manager Sara says: “The air is so fresh now when we come in the morning”.

August – 2023

Aircode™ has been installed throughout the entire Riga Castle in Latvia. The castle has been the residence of the President of Latvia since 1922 when the authority of the presidency was established. The Castle is situated in the very centre of Old Riga on the bank of River Daugava.

December – 2020

The air purification technology Aircode ™ is noticed in the industry magazine Ytforum. They cover information about pre-treatment, painting and more in surface treatment. The article describes Aircode ™ as a product to increase the air quality for painting companies.

June – 2020

During the spring, we have seen our product Aqua4power from Aquacode ™ become even more popular as companies in Sweden see the benefits of having a water-based product with the active substance hypochlorous acid that eliminates viruses up to 99.9% within a few seconds. Unlike alcohol and chlorhexidine, it is not toxic to the body.

February – 2020

Hotel Diplomat in Stockholm has now bought more Aircode™ units for their already growing number that are used throughout the hotel. ​Joakim Wiklund, Hotel Diplomat Technical Manager said: “We love Aircode™ and think it is a good product, it has solved odor problems in many areas.”

January – 2020

After several successful installations of Aircode™ and tests at car repair shops in both Sweden and the Netherlands, our customers see a reduction of up to 75% of particles in their paint boxes. Which saves them both time and money. Read PDF

November – 2019

For two years in a row, Swedish football teams AIK and DIF have won the championships while using Aircode™ in both their training facilities and changing rooms. ​“The aircode™ system has eliminated the smell in our locker room and gym, which makes it more pleasant to train.” – Per Karlsson captain AIK

November – 2019

The Grand Hotel has been using Aircode since 2012 and has recently installed more units in the hotel to reduce bad odors and bacteria. This is to provide clean fresh air to its employees and guests.

March – 2018

Matseco’s products are promoted together with the GULF BMW Road race team. The team will compete at the legendary NW200 and Isle of Man TT races.

Jan – 2018

Aircode™ technology is launched for professional football teams. Read more / Read PDF