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Matseco AB, respects your privacy and your right to have control over your personal information. We always want to be open with the types of information we collect from you, and why. Matseco AB's policy for personal data describes what responsibility Matseco AB has, what information we collect, for what purpose it is collected, in what way you can have control over your own information and how you can contact us. This personal data policy applies when you use Matseco AB services via the website or via connections / integrations.

Matseco AB is the Personal Data Officer or Personal Data Assistant in accordance with these terms and conditions and is responsible for processing in accordance with applicable legislation: GDPR.


Personal data manager & Personal data assistant

Personal data manager - Matseco AB is Personal data responsible for the personal data relating to the User of the service. Personal Data Assistant - Matseco AB is the Personal Data Assistant for the information that the User provides to Matseco AB regarding Sender - Pick-up address and Recipient - Delivery address. The information can be updated or deleted by the User at any time by contacting us.

Personal information we collect

Matseco AB primarily collects information when using the order and contact form. Examples of personal information are contact information such as: telephone number, e-mail and address. Matseco AB may update your information from other public registers such as UC if it is necessary to test your creditworthiness. Matseco AB registers personal data in connection with:
1. Orders;
Disclosure of e-mail address, telephone number, name, address on the website;
3. Updating your information or creating new customers;
4. If you contact us via chat, email, phone, website and social media;
Your visit to Matseco AB, including traffic data, web blogs and other communication data as well as, for example, the IP address, type of device, operating system and browser type used for the visit.

How we use collected information

Matseco AB processes personal data mainly for the purposes stated below and for any additional purposes stated at the time of collection.

Information that can be disclosed

We may share information with other companies that process data on our behalf in order to fulfill our mission towards you as a User. High security and confidentiality are observed in all handling of personal data.
Matseco AB only cooperates with partners who process personal data within the EU / EEA or with companies that maintain the same level of protection as within the EU / EEA by, for example, having joined the so-called Privacy Shield agreement between the EU and the USA.

About cookies

When you use our website, personal information may be collected via, for example, cookies. However, this is only done via a separate consent. This stores information about your use and which pages are visited. This can be technical information about your device and internet connection such as IP address, device type, operating system, cookies and browser type.

Legal basis, storage & thinning of personal data

By submitting information to Matseco AB, you give your permission for Matseco AB to register and store the information relating to the service you have purchased and to process the specified personal data for specified purposes. As a legal basis for processing, Matseco AB will refer to the fulfillment of an agreement, legal obligation, legitimate interest or consent. If Matseco AB uses a legitimate interest as a basis, it will only be done for the purposes stated above. Please note that you can request that your personal data be deleted at any time by contacting us.

The processing takes place in accordance with current legislation and means that personal data is not stored for longer than is necessary with regard to the purposes of the processing. Matseco AB will store your personal information as long as you are a customer with us. For marketing purposes, information older than three years can be saved and used. Some information can be retained longer when required by other legal requirements such as the Accounting Act. High security and confidentiality are observed in all handling of personal data.

Your rights and choices

Regarding your own personal data, you have rights and the opportunity to influence your information and what is saved. Matseco AB will, on its own or the customer's initiative, correct information that is discovered to be incorrect. You can request that your information be deleted at any time by contacting us. If you believe that your rights are not respected by us, you are welcome to contact Matseco AB or contact the Data Inspectorate (

Links to other sites

In the event that our website contains links to third party websites, websites, or materials published by third parties, these links are for informational purposes only. As Matseco AB has no control over the content of these websites or its materials, we are not responsible for its content. Matseco AB is also not responsible for damages or losses that could occur when using these links.

How to contact us

For further information about personal data management or for questions, you are welcome to contact us at:


Matseco AB
Bergfotsgatan 5B

431 35 Mölndal
Phone number: 031-70 60 980
This privacy policy applies from 2018-05-20.

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