Aircode™ imitates nature's own way of purifying air by adding a rich and balanced quantity of positive and negative ions.


The brand Aircode™ contains a wide range of ionization products that purify the air in which we work and live.

Aircode™ products contribute to increased productivity, health and welfare by supplying energy-efficient and environmentally friendly bacteria-reducing solutions.

The products create a clean indoor climate in industrial facilities as well as commercial buildings.

The products control the ion concentration - without chemicals or additives. The result is clean, fresh air free of airborne particles.


- Elimination up to 99% of airborne particles in paper processing

- Elimination up to 90% of smoke and airborne oil mists in metals 

- Elimination up to 99% of airborne solvents in plastics 

- Elimination up to 99% of benzene and toluene in print press

- Elimination up to 99.9% of mould spores, odors and bacteria from    food handling and processing environments.

Aircode CX-100

A self contained, stainless unit for installations on walls or ceilings. Read more

Aircode ID AC-500

Solution for sewage works, hospitals, industries, offices, clean rooms, commercial real estate properties. Read more

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