December - 2020

The air purification technology Aircode™ is noticed in the industry magazine Ytforum. They cover information about pre-treatment, painting and more in surface treatment. The article describes Aircode ™ as a product to increase the quality of painting companies. Read more

June - 2020

During the spring, we have seen our product Aqua4power from Aquacode™ become even more popular as companies in Sweden see the benefits of having a water-based product with the active substance hypochlorous acid that eliminates viruses up to 99.9% within a few seconds. Unlike alcohol and chlorhexidine, it is not toxic to the body. Read more.


February - 2020

Hotel Diplomat in Stockholm has now bought more Aircode™ units for their already growing number that are used throughout the hotel.

Joakim Wiklund, Hotel Diplomat Technical Manager said:

"We love Aircode and think it is a good product, it has solved odor problems in many areas."

January - 2020

After several successful installations of Aircode™ and tests at car repair shops in both Sweden and the Netherlands, our customers see a reduction of up to 75% of particles in their paint boxes. Which saves them both time and money. Read PDF


November - 2019

Grand Hotel has been using Aircode™ since 2012 and has recently installed more units in the hotel to reduce bad odors and bacteria. This is to provide clean fresh air to its employees and guests.

November - 2019

For two years in a row, Swedish football teams AIK and DIF have won the championships while using Aircode™ in both their training facilities and changing rooms.

"The aircode system has eliminated the smell in our locker room and gym, which makes it more pleasant to train." - Per Karlsson captain AIK

“There is a noticeable difference in air quality throughout our training facility and our changing room for the home arena. Feels both fresher and cleaner. " - Oscar Jonsson goalkeeper act DI

March - 2018
Matseco's products are promoted together with the GULF BMW Road race team. The team will compete in the legendary NW200 and Isle of Man TT competitions.

Jan - 2018
Aircode™ technology is launched for professional football teams. Read more / Read PDF

June - 2017
The property owners have now conducted several months of performance tests with Aircode. The tests have been performed in several areas and the results have been outstanding. Read more / Read PDF

May - 2017
Aircode™ implements its technology for hairdressing and beauty salons. Read PDF

Sep - 2016
Isab Solutions AB new distributor for Aircode™ and Aquacode™ products.

Feb - 2016
Now 2016 is in full swing and we are proud to say that Matseco AB and our product AIRCODE™ have now been on the market for 10 years.

March - 2015
Aircode in Superyacht report "The air we breathe". Read article

Nov - 2014
Coop has for 8 months together with Matseco performed tests with Aircode ™ and Aquacode ™, especially in the recycled glass stations, and this has given very good results. Read more / Read PDF

Aug - 2014
Aircode sponsored Filip Backlund gets factory contract. Read more

June - 2014
MIBA Mijöteknik new distributor for Aircode and Aquacode products.

May - 2014
Tomra signs an agreement with Matseco AB
Tomra, which is a world leader in the recycled glass industry, now uses Aircode products to reduce bacteria, odors and to improve the environment for staff and customers in the recycled glass spaces.

April - 2014
43 Aircode IDAC-550s are installed in the Simadan Amsterdam Project. The entire installation was performed by Colt International BV. See picture IDAC-550

April - 2013
Kyl & Värmepumpsservice in Greater Stockholm will be the distributor for the Aircode product.

October - 2012
Electrolux and Matseco AB begin cooperation. Read PDF

September - 2012
Aircode is accepted into Icomia's Preferred Supplier program. Read PDF

August - 2012
Cleaner air with Aircode at Friskis & Svettis Read PDF

May - 2012
Aircodes air purifier for allergies and asthma! Read more about our product and also reviews from some of our satisfied customers here: Read PDF

January - 2012
Road racing stars Filip Backlund and Matseco AB enter into a long-term partnership. Read PDF

December - 2011
To ensure a healthier working environment in the hairdressing industry, Matseco AB has started a collaboration with Frisörtjänst ...
Read more | See brochure (PDF)

November - 2011
Oskar Olsson talks about Aqua4power and the positive effects he has experienced. Read PDF

November - 2011
Aircode provides, via Mapeco AB, remediation services in southern Sweden. For more info and contact: Magnus Vigstrand, 0730-798904,

September - 2011
We at 1aB DeSign [wannabe design], have since 2010 used air purifiers from Aircode in our premises ...

September - 2011
Matseco AB expands its collaboration with Expo Clean AB for a strengthened environmental and hygiene solution for stores in the Swedish grocery trade.

August - 2011
Phoenix Contact Russia has installed Aircode's units CX-600 and CX-200 in some of its production and warehouse areas and has achieved a fantastic result in a short time.

April - 2011
Alexander Kristiansson Runs second place in the German Championships with his Aircode sponsored KTM racer. See picture 1, see picture 2

April - 2011
Aircode's German distributor is advancing with new major industrial installations in the Slaughterhouse and Supermarket sector. See picture 1, see picture 2

August - 2010
New revolutionary water purification with Aquacode ™ is introduced. More info coming soon.

July - 2010
Together with Expoclean, Aircode is breaking new ground in store hygiene.

June - 2010
Aircode represented at Isle of Man TT-zero competitions via sertracing electric motorcycle Read more

March - 2010
Imazo becomes a nationwide Swedish zoo and domestic animal supplier of Aircode. Read PDF

March - 2010
Refrigeration technology in Halmstad is welcome to the Aircode family. Read PDF

December - 2009
WorldClass Masthugget significantly improves its air quality with Aircode Read PDF

November - 2009
Södertälje companies successfully use Aircode's decontamination product. Read PDF

November - 2009
Aircode is successful in the "horse industry". Read PDF

July - 2009
Andreas Jonsson and Aircode Swedish Champion in Speedway. On Saturday, July 25, Andreas Jonsson drove home the Swedish Championship gold in Speedway.
Read more / see pictures

June - 2009
Aircode reaches the horse world. After most installations with horse breeders, hobby riders but also professional competition riders ...
read more / see pictures

May / June - 2009
Aircode can be seen in the UK via TV broadcasts. In connection with this year's Isle of Man TT race, Aircode and some of Aircode's major customers were ...
read more / see pictures

April - 2009
Aircode attracted a lot of attention during the Stroiko trade fair in Sofia, Bulgaria. For more information about Aircode in Bulgaria contact the office or email | see picture1 , see picture2

March - 2009
The Aircode brand is marketed globally with the help of one of the World's best Speedway drivers. Andreas Jonsson. Follow Andreas on
see picture1 , see picture2 , see picture3

March - 2009
As Aircode has had an incredible development in recent years, it feels fun to be able to participate and help others but also to market Aircode to a completely new audience. Read more

January - 2009
Now Aircode has also reached the restaurant industry. Read PDF

November - 2008
Salong Saxcesse in Falkenberg creates a better environment for customers and hairdressers. Read PDF

November - 2008
Matseco AB has now also signed an agreement with the Bergendahls group to deliver its environmental solutions to all City Gross stores in Sweden.

June - 2008
Aircode made PR-Succé together with a couple of other customers on the Isle of Man TT and NW200.
read more / see pictures

May - 2008
New recruitment, Michal Hansson now works more in Matseco / Aircode clothing with service, installation and sales.

May - 2008
Matseco welcomes its new Dutch distributor ITS to the Aircode family.

March - 2008
Aircode Germany establishes itself in Germany with offices in central Hamburg.

February - 2008
Matseco AB is starting to deliver to the ICA stores. Response from the stores is very good and interest is high.

December - 2007
As part of its environmental work, ICA AB has signed an agreement with Matseco AB. Read more | Download PDF

October - 2007
Aircode participates in the Nordic Championship title.
Read more / see pictures

September - 2007
Fastest Lap Award - read more / see photos

September - 2007
Matseco AB Welcomes ENA Sweden in Växjö to the Aircode family. For contact email: or call 0709-927001

September - 2007
Matseco welcomes its new Polish distributor ENA VENT in the Gdansk area to the Aircode family.

August - 2007
The Aircode product will once again be marketed in connection with the competitions on the Isle of Man. You can follow Mats Nilsson's progress on one of the other sponsors' websites: or at

August - 2007
Matseco AB has just installed 75 aircode units in a large commercial building in Bangkok. The air quality has been improved in 2 server rooms, 12 elevators, an entire register department and the entire third floor of the 12-storey complex.
See picture 1 , see picture 2 , see picture 3 , see picture 4 , see picture 5

March - 2007
Another car paint job that has had a significantly improved working environment with the help of the Aircode products. Many thanks to, Ventilationsteknik in Kungsbacka and Andersson & Hultmark.
See picture 1 , see picture 2

March - 2007
Aircode USA is launching its first installation to the customer's great happiness. Particles and odors eliminated in an entire office department.

March - 2007
Aircode's products are now also represented in South America. Contracts are signed with a distributor in Chile.

March - 2007
Would like to welcome our new distributor in the Stockholm region: Henrik Radblom at HR Service

19/11 - 2006
The new RX-100 has now undergone all quality tests and will be taken into production to be delivered at the end of December. The product has a better capacity and will cover significantly larger spaces than the old RX-100.

Mats Nilsson is noticed in Göteborgs-Posten. Article (PDF)

26/10 - 2006
Aircode establishes itself in the United States.

16/10 - 2006
New distributor in the UK adopts the Aircode product.

August - 2006
The Aircode product receives international attention by appearing in the media (newspapers, television and radio) in connection with Mats Nilsson's successful competition on the classic Isle of Man. Article (PDF)

August - 2006
Aircode's units are now tested and approved by the Swedish Testing Institute.

July - 2006
Wraptech joins the ranks of distributors in Sweden who are starting to market and sell the Aircode product.

June - 2006
ID AC 100 = the unit for installation in smaller ventilation systems is now for sale.

March 17, 2006
Matseco launches a new informative website with inspiration from nature and a clean environment.

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