Based in the Netherlands and with roots from 1849, Feadship is recognized as a world leader in specialty yachts. As each new Feadship yacht is the best they have ever built, all boats in their fleet set a new standard in terms of craftsmanship, design and construction.


Feadship is one of an elite group of yacht builders who can really be said to create their own superyachts. Custom means starting each project literally with a blank page. It's about designing a tailor-made superyacht that is completely individual and unlike any other in the world.

Feadship uses Aircode ™ in their production because they have extremely high requirements for the painting. Many coats of varnish are used for the boats.

The first picture on the right, the staff hooks into channels when they start spraying special parts (masts etc) inside a special "covered tent". They direct that air through a filter bank. So we created a very simple way for them to achieve the highest color quality with minimal dust levels in the spray area.

They have also installed Aircode for the following:

- Welding smoke

- Wood shavings

- VOC gases


As well as to minimize odors from the process to nearby residents, as the factory is located in the middle of a populated area.


Recently, they increased their Aircode equipment for existing protection against the spread of infection.

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