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With Aqua4Power ™ liquid for disinfection sold in bottle form, we warmly welcome you to tomorrow's disinfectant liquid. With the active substance hypochlorous acid, viruses up to 99.9% are eliminated within seconds.


Based on extensive research, which shows that our product Aqua4Power ™:

  • Is environmentally friendly

  • Not toxic to humans or animals

  • Does not require special handling

  • Are powerful biocides

  • Can be safely diverted to wastewater systems

  • Is fast acting

  • Can be used in all types of disinfection and cleaning applications

  • Does not bleach surfaces and materials at recommended concentrations

  • Can be applied in liquid form, as ice or as aerosol (fog)

  • Do not give allergic reactions

  • Does not produce by-products that are toxic, damage the environment or leave synthetic chemical residues

  • Can be manufactured on site, eliminating the handling and storage of chemicals

  • Can be made on-site from drinking water and saline in required quantities and concentrations of active substances, pH and salinity.

Hypochloric acid is the active substance that has a very powerful killing effect on earlier variants of the coronavirus in 15-30 seconds. Up to 99.9% can be eliminated which minimizes the risk of spreading the virus.


The product is water-based and not toxic, irritating or harmful to humans.

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