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1) milk production and the dairy industry
2) meat, fish and chicken industry
3) on-site cleaning (CIP) for the food and beverage industry
4) agriculture, vegetables and floriculture
5) farming with livestock, horse or chicken farming
6) drinking water disinfection and wastewater treatment
7) treatment of ballast water on ships
8) aquaculture
9) health care
10) the oil and gas industry
11) water purification for cooling towers and cooling systems
12) swimming pools, disinfection of water
13) Veterinary care

Aquacode™ has focused on these markets, because we know that we have competitive advantages for each of these markets, are a leading strategic industry partner, or we can create an attractive added value for our customers.

The brewing and beverage industry
Aquacode disinfectant units can be used for a number of different applications such as disinfecting process water, tunnel pasteurizers, bottle washing and cleaning of conveyor belts and conveyor systems. The use of an Aquacode
aggregates result in significant savings because it allows processes to run at lower temperatures and the water can be recycled.

Cooling towers and ponds
Anolyte, manufactured on site with our units, effectively controls legionella and other bacteria to maintain a safe and healthy environment. The powerful disinfectant also destroys the biofilm and is no more corrosive than ordinary tap water.

Wastewater treatment
By adding Anolyte to wastewater, you can reduce the bacterial load without polluting the environment.

Food and dairy industry
As Anolyte is non-toxic, it is approved for use in the food industry for disinfection for a large number of areas, including preparation, piping, transport systems and packaging lines.

Meat and charcuterie industry
Bacterial contamination of meat is a constant and current problem. Aquacode ™ can be used with the help of its powerful Anolyte solution where there is a need for surface cleaning and disinfection. For example, processing machines, packing boxes and transport systems, but without the problems associated with traditional chlorine-based chemicals.

Washing of fruits and vegetables
Anolyte is a very effective disinfectant for washing fruits and vegetables, both whole and sliced. It increases durability and gives consumers a safer product.

Dimming or spraying greenhouses with Anolyte provides effective control of bacteria and algae. Disinfection of the irrigation water results in better plants and greater growth. Better resistance to weeds, molds, various parasites
and diseases. Better product quality at harvest without further use of fertilizers.

Drinking water
Anolyte is approved for use as a disinfectant for drinking water and provides a water that is safe for consumption, without the unpleasant smell and taste that is felt in connection with conventional chlorine-disinfected water purification.

Swimming pools
Anolyte made on site can ensure a safe pool environment without unpleasant odors or stinging eyes, effects felt in traditional chlorine-based water treatments. It is also safer for staff, as they do not have to handle potentially hazardous chemicals.


Hotels and public spaces
Legionella is a major health problem in rooms with large water systems where, for example, showers are not often used, such as hotel rooms during the low season. In the unused areas, legionella and other harmful bacteria can form and grow in the water system. By connecting an Aquacode unit to its water system, legional, without costly high-temperature flushing of the pipe network can be prevented.

Fish and seafood
Anolyte has been shown to be very effective in eliminating bacteria such as cholera and E. coli. Using Anolyte in handling seafood provides consumers with a safer product.

Medical facilities
Anolyte is harmless to health and is not corrosive, making it ideal for sterilizing medical equipment, to prevent bacterial infections. Cold sterilization of medical instruments, cleaning of surfaces, including
walls, furniture and floors. Can be used for disinfection of hospital laundry. Disinfection of the air by dimming with Anolyte eliminates / reduces the use of chemicals.

Agriculture and livestock farming
Anolyte is used for general disinfection and cleaning of surfaces and equipment. By fogging Anolyte you get a good control of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Anolyte as a drinking water additive promotes feed assimilation and general health (reduces mortality). Guarantees the elimination of skin parasitic diseases.

The use of Anolyte in agriculture can result in increased yields and improved animal husbandry by eliminating bacteria in the animals' drinking water and feed.

Veterinary medicine
Increases vitality and resilience, improves fertility. Treatment of mastitis, diarrhea and other infections without chemical preparations. Treatment of feed with Anolyte increases the feed value. Reduces animal stress. Increases animal growth and yield. Provides effective control and is a cure for the most serious diseases.

Oil and gas industry
Anolyte and catholyte solutions are used to stimulate and improve oil and gas production and to improve the performance of drilling fluids. Anolyte is a very effective alternative to bactericides, which are not biodegradable or are bioaccumulative. Anolyte is a selective bactericide that eliminates bacteria, which accelerate corrosion while being harmless to humans.

Marine industry
Aquacode units that produce Anolyte are suitable for sterilizing drinking and ballast water on board ships. Anolyte can also be mixed in water used for ice for the fishing industry to increase the durability of the products and provide a safer product.

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