1) dairy production and processing
2) meat, fish and poultry processing
3) clean in place (”CIP”) for food and beverage processing
4) agricultural grow-out and processing
5) livestock industries and livestock breeding
6) drinking water disinfection and waste water treatment

7) ballast water treatment
8) aquaculture
9) medical and health care
10) oil & gas industry
11) cooling towers and cooling system water treatment
12) swimming pools water disinfection

We have identified the following industries for early stage sales and marketingfocus: Aquacode™ has been focused on these markets because we believe that for each of thesemarkets we have a competitive advantage, a leading strategic industry partner, or we canprovide an attractive value-added proposition.

Brew and Beverage Industry
Aquacode™ disinfectant generators have a number of applications in this industry. They include disinfecting water
supply, tunnel pasteurizers, bottle wash and cleaning of conveyor and transport systems.The use of an Aquacode™ generator can result in significant savings as it allowsprocesses to be run at lower temperatures and the water to be recycled.

Cooling Towers and Ponds
Anolyte produced by our onsite generators effectively controls Legionella and other bacteria maintaining a safe

and healthy environment. The powerful disinfecting solution also destroys biofilm yet is no more corrosive

than tap water.

Waste Water Treatment
The addition of anolyte to waste water can reduce bacterial count to safe levels without contaminating the environment.

Food and Dairy Industry
Due to its non-toxicity anolyte is approved for use in the food industry for disinfection in a wide range of areas including preparation surfaces, pipes, transport systems and packaging.

Meat Industry
Bacterial contamination of meat is an ever present problem. Aquacode can help with its powerful anolyte solution ideally
suited to surface cleaning of preparation areas, packing cases and transport systems yet without the problems associated
with traditional chlorine based chemicals.

Fish Processing
Anolyte has been shown to be highly effective in destroying bacteria such as Vibrio and E.coli making a safer

product for consumers.

Misting or spraying glasshouses with anolyte gives effective bacterial and algal control. Disinfection of irrigation water.
Better vegetation and vegetables growth. Better resistance to weeds, smuts, fungi various parasites and diseases.

Better quality of the products.Crop increase without additional use of fertilizers.

Swimming Pools
Onsite anolyte generators can ensure a safe swimming environment without the unpleasant smell or eye stinging
effects of traditional chlorine based treatments. It is also safer for staff as they do not have to handle potentially
dangerous chemicals.

Drinking Water
Anolyte is approved for use as a disinfecting agent for drinking water making it safe for consumption without the unpleasant smell and taste associated with conventional chlorine based water treatment.

Hotels and Public Facilities
Legionella is a major health problem in facilities with a large water system where parts are not often used such as hotel
rooms in low season. The unused areas can result in the build-up of Legionella and other health endangering bacteria
within the water system. The addition of an anolyte generator to the water system can prevent this without costly high
temperature flushing.

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